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Earth Block Training Online


Are You Ready To Make Dirt into Amazing Structures!

We are happy you are here and are excited to teach you what we have learned about Earth Blocks over the past 10 years. We have developed and commercialized the BP714 Earth Block Machine, created partnerships with leading equipment and engineering companies,  traveled to nearly 30 different countries to set up Earth Block Projects and have taught hundreds of people about Earth Blocks and are so excited to now have the to share with you what we have learned. 

This course provides you with the fundamental knowledge necessary for making quality Earth Blocks. Understanding your soil is key to your success. The testing procedures and soil science guidelines covered will unlock your ability to build quality structures with the dirt beneath your feet. 

With this course you will soon have the ability to use the materials beneath your feet to build solid Earth Block structures.

In Sections 1 - 6 of the training, you will learn how to navigate this course, about material selection, and how to conduct Soil Field Tests. Within your course we have placed video lectures, downloadable material, handouts, exercises, quizzes and exams at key points throughout the curriculum.  It is important that you complete each section thoroughly and completely so that you understand all the information presented about soil science and Earth Blocks.

In Sections 7 and 8 of the training, you will learn how to test and analyze your soil more accurately, beyond the scope of the "soil field tests". The Mobile Soils Testing Kit provides you with enhanced testing methods to best understand your soil and give you evidence on how to amend your soil for quality block production.  This online package provides you with invaluable experience and skill development to help insure your success for your Earthen Construction projects. 


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* We Highly Recommend Purchasing The Full Package, which is the best value and includes the Mobile Soils Testing Kit that is required to follow along step by step for enhanced testing methods as noted above.

* You can pay through Pay Pal using a credit / debit card and you do not need to have an existing Pay Pal account to do so. Shipping for Soils Testing Kit is billed separately. For additional payment methods please email

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Let's get started on your project

Everyone has to start somewhere

The path to becoming an expert at utilizing local soils in construction takes dedication and time, but if you put your mind to it, you'll have no problem picking up on the Dwell Earth techniques. 

Training modules have been broken down into bite size pieces that you can do anywhere and anytime. You can complete this learning experience as fast or slow as you desire to set the pace. What are you waiting for?


1 - Welcome to Earth Blocks Online


  • Welcome To Your Earth Block Training Online FREE PREVIEW
  • How to navigate your course
  • Meet your instructors
  • Tell us about YOU

2 - Earth Blocks Intro


  • Introduction to Earth Blocks FREE PREVIEW
  • Earth Block Intro Video Lecture

3 - Dirt


  • What is dirt?
  • Video
  • Properties of Soil

4 - Harvesting Soil


  • Collecting a Soil Sample
  • Harvesting Soil Samples
  • Sourcing Soil
  • Soil Harvesting Discussion

5 - Getting Ready to TEST YOUR SOIL


  • Soil Testing FREE PREVIEW
  • Download Soil Testing Results Sheet
  • Soils Testing Results Recording Sheet
  • Soils Field Testing Guide
  • Tips for getting ready to test

6 - Soil Field Tests


  • Soil Field Tests Introduction FREE PREVIEW
  • Preparing Your Soil For Testing
  • Wash Test Video
  • Pen/Worm Test Video
  • Stab Test Video
  • Cut Test Video
  • Dry Strength Test Video
  • Expansion Test Video
  • Time to do the Field Tests on Your Soil Video
  • Transition to Testing
  • Upload Wash Test Results
  • Upload Pen / Worm Test Results
  • Upload Stab Test Results
  • Upload Cut Test Results
  • Dry Strength Test Results
  • Expansion Test Results
  • Soils Field Tests Group Discussion
  • See Test Results

7 - Mobile Soil Lab Tests


  • Mobile Soil Lab Tests Introduction FREE PREVIEW
  • Particle Gradation / Test Tube Test Video
  • Particle Gradation (test tube tests) Gallery
  • Shrinkage Test Video
  • Upload Your Particle Distribution Test Tube Test Results
  • Upload your Shrinkage - Biscuit Test Results
  • Analyze Your Results to Create a Mix Design
  • Mix Design Video
  • Optimum Moisture Content / OMC
  • Mini Block Production Video

8 - Soil Test Exercises

  • What do the different Soil Tests Tell You? (EXAM) FREE PREVIEW
  • Test Tube Test Reading Quiz
  • Congratulations!

About Your Instructor

Adam De Jong

Adam De Jong

Lead Block Head

Adam has over 15 years of building design and construction experience. He studied civil engineering and construction management at Norwich University in Northfield, VT. Adam has become a craftsman of many mediums. Skilled in timber framing, post and beam, conventional framed, and compressed earth blocks methods. Adam has passionately taken on compressed earth block construction as a “true green” construction solution for the world. Adam was primary in the development of the V Lock Block design and helped to lead the team for the development of Vermeer’s BP714 Block Press Machine– cutting edge technology in the evolution of compressed earth block construction. 

Continued innovations to help improve the entire compressed earth block process is what Adam keenly focuses on. 

Adam travels globally providing customized soil design solutions and construction training to our partners helping transform lives and communities. 

As of 2018 Adam has conducted Onsite Earth Block Trainings in 26 different countries.








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I loved your training. I have been a traditional adobe builder for 35 years and really enjoyed learning this new (to me) system using earth to build with. Thanks for your great efforts and hard work for our behalf.
Dave Colorado
This training was more than worth it!!!
Jesse Phillips Liberia
With this class I now have the knowledge and the tools to implement good Practices to creating strong Earth Blocks propelling this beautiful method of building forward.
Colton Haiti


$650.00 Discounted Full Package Price Buy $650.00

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$650.00 Full Package - Online Earth Block Training ($54) AND Soils Testing Kit ($596) Buy Now
$200.00 Online Earth Block Training ONLY Buy Now